Linda Ereikat: Gaining Valuable Leadership Experience and Driving Change as a BCSH Executive Fellow

Linda Ereikat, an Executive Fellow at the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency (BCSH), shares her inspiring journey and the invaluable leadership experience she has gained while working at the agency. In a recent video, Linda Ereikat discusses her role at BCSH and her most impactful project, expressing her optimism in the fight to end homelessness in California.

As an Executive Fellow, Linda Ereikat is placed at the California Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency’s Office of the Secretary, where she works under the mentorship of Under Secretary Melinda Grant and Deputy Secretary of External Affairs Victoria Gonzalez Gerlach. Linda Ereikat’s work focuses on housing and homeless policy, project management, advancing equity in the state through effective policy oversight, and creating impact through decision-making and funding initiatives.

Throughout her fellowship, Linda Ereikat has had the opportunity to learn from BCSH’s executive team about what it means to be a leader with a people-centered approach and vision that serves the people of California. Linda Ereikat has witnessed the real impacts of several grants and programs, gaining a deep understanding of the specifics of decision-making, leadership, and the potential for making a significant impact at the state level.

In the video, Linda Ereikat highlights her involvement in the Encampment Resolution Grant as one of her most impactful projects. By visiting an encampment with the Secretary and her mentor in a city that received the grant, Linda Ereikat experienced firsthand the real-world effects of the work she contributes to, reinforcing her commitment to homelessness policy and the goal of ensuring that all people have the right to a safe and livable home.

Linda Ereikat also emphasizes the transformative experience of learning about the Governor’s budget, which has invested billions of dollars into housing and homelessness programs across the state. This historic investment has made Linda Ereikat optimistic about the potential for structural changes in approaching the prevention and resolution of homelessness while expanding affordable housing for all.

As an Executive Fellow at BCSH, Linda Ereikat continues to gain valuable leadership experience and drive change in housing and homelessness policy. Through her dedication and the insights shared in the video, Linda Ereikat demonstrates her commitment to developing a more equitable and compassionate approach to addressing the critical issues faced by underserved communities in California.

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